Thursday, January 27, 2011

Haul: Watson's + Fashion Market + More

Hi Hi!

The first thing I got is this shirt.
Php49, Fashion Market, Market! Market!

It's so cute! I have been in love with tribal print since the trend came out and when I saw this, I bought it immediately. The other selling factor of this top is that it was only Php49. Yes. Php49! I bought it at the Fashion Market area in Market! Market! in one of those cheap-looking-clothes rack that you'd never think to look. But I found this and I absolutely love it!

The next few items are from Watson's. It's sort of like a reward for myself for not spending the Php2,000 allowance that I allot myself each month so, I let myself buy some "impulse" items.
Garnier Light Bright Eye Roll On, Php199, Watson's
Marionnaud N32 Blush Brush, Php170 (estimate, I threw the receipt away!), Watson's
Sunsilk Co-Creations 3 Minute Treatment in Strong and Long, Php99, Watson's

The first item I really really really feel bad about. I bought the Garnier Light Eye Roll On 'cause i remembered that Juicystar07 and Allthatglitters21 swears by it so, I thought, why not? But then, when I got home, I checked out my blog post about animal testing and Garnier is one of those companies that test on animals. I'm sorry animals! Anyway, I was planning to do a review on this but I won't anymore 'cause I don't review animal testing companies!

Moving on, I bought a Marionnaud brush in N32 Blush 'cause I am frikin sick of my Elianto Face Brush. When I started using the Elianto face brush, I thought that it wasn't too bad but recently, it has been plucking on my last nerves so, I bought a Marionnaud one!

Last is the Sunsilk Co-Creations 3 Minute Treatment in Strong and Long. I am trying to grow my hair so, I just want to try this product out. I also bought it as a back up for my Cream Silk Hair Treatment one.

The last two items are necessities more than anything.
Schick Silk Effects Razor, Php229.50, Unimart, Greenhills
Medicine Dropper, Php4, Mercury Drug Store

First is a Razor cause I lost my other one. Okay, that's a lie. Last summer, when we went on a cruise around Singapore, I used the suction thing to stick my razor on the shower wall. When it was time to leave the boat, I left my razor along with it. Lately, I have been living off of razors that you get free from hotels and I love myself for finally buying a proper one.

Lastly, is a medicine dropper. I lost my old one that I use to drop my solvent into my nail polish so, my boyfriend was kind enough to spare some change for me to buy a new one!


Anonymous said...

nice haul! i also have that kind of makeup brush i bought from last year, but havent used it yet :)

you got a nice deal with that top. i like it too!

Michelle said...

I actually can't wait to try it! It felt really nice when I brushed it against my cheek. :)

I was so happy that I saw it in that rack!!

Thanks Reina! :D

thegreenhairclip said...

Php49?!! for real??! wow! i have not bought a top that cheap! inggit ako!! waahhh! nice score!

Michelle said...

I have a super power! I attract cheap stuff to me! The next cheapest top I have is worth Php50. :)

thegreenhairclip said...

woah! hala! for real?!! must visit market! market! :)

where in market! market! ?

Michelle said...

It's called Fashion Wing/Fashion Market. Just ask around! Even the department store there is super nice and cheap! :)

Reg Rodriguez said...

i didn't know garnier tested on animals :( now reading your post on brands that do and don't test on animals and gonna spread the word!


sugar sugar said...

great haul! :) marionnaud's slanted brush is also a good brush. i hope the one you picked up works for you. ;)

Mai said...

That's super cheap, lucky! And reading about Garnier makes me guilty, I use it occasionally. Maybe I should stop. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know they tested on animals.

donnarence said...

i have been wanting to buy that brush from marionnaud.. :D i did not know garnier test on animals thanks for sharing

Nadine Natalin said...

That pretty top you got is so cheap :) nice buy && great haul

Michelle said...

@Reg: Yay! That made me feel a bit better for purchasing the Garnier product. :)

@sugar sugar: I loved it! I'm thinking about buying their brush set. :))

@Mai: Yeap they do! It's hard sometimes to stop buying from animal testing companies. There are times when their products are just too good!

@donnarence: It's great! You should buy the brush! :) And yeah, they do. It's sad, really.

@Nadine: Thank you! :D I love cheap clothes! :)

Marie said...

Such a good price for that top!:D

Nice haul.:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

Thank you! I felt like I stole the top from the store! :))