Monday, February 14, 2011

Fashion: One Piece, Five Outfits (Valentine's Edition)

Hi hi!

Floral dresses were so in last spring/summer and I know that everyone is guilty of indulging in that trend. Since it's Valentine's season, I think it's time for you guys to break out that girly floral dress once again!

Since the last fashion post had a good response, here's another one! Valentine's edition! This is a tribute to my hunt for the perfect Valentine's outfit.

Here are five ways on how to wear your favorite floral dress.
First one is the most casual one. This is a salute to the classic 2010 spring trend. Denim jacket over a floral dress with brown boots. Who's to say that you can't rock last year's trends?
The next outfit is something I actually wore when I met up with Hazel. It's my favorite way of wearing any kind of dress. With a vest on top and oxfords on my feet.
The black lace top makes another appearance! Want to see its first appearance? I couldn't leave this one out because the black lace makes a nice contrast with the colors of the dress. The lace top and the dress both have floral patterns but in very different ways that make it look nice when worn together.
The next outfit is if you don't really feel like wearing a dress. I wear a dress like this if I want a change in my look. You just have to fold and tuck your dress in your shorts and there you go!
Next is the simplest yet the dressiest of the five outfits. Just slap on some tights and black flats and there you go!

Hope you guys have a rockin' Valentine's!


crystal glamour said...

love the 3rd and 5th :)
great post
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Michelle said...

Thank you so much crystal! :)

AVA T.♥ said...

nice! so many ways to style a dress :) must try something like this.

Michelle said...

Thank you! :) I'd love to see if you do :D

thegreenhairclip said...

wow! very creative! :D galing! clap clap! :D

Michelle said...

Thank you so much!! :)

abby | ybba said...

i love how you wore the dress on the last two!!! very cute!

Michelle said...

Glad you liked it! Thanks very much! :)

Kikay Morena said...

Your post makes me wanna purchase the same dress! :) You truly have a good fashion sense :)

Just followed you! Hope you'll visit and follow back!
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Michelle said...

Thanks Kikay Morena! :) I'll check it out! :)

YB* said...

Ang ganda youn dress!

Michelle said...

Thank you soooo much! It was a Christmas gift from my sister. :D