Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bizarre Day

Did I say bizzare? I meant BAZAAR! =))

Okay corny.

Anyways, last Saturday, I went to the Fashion Rev bazaar.

I was kinda on a tight budget so I wasn't able to make much purchases. But it was still cool to hang out at the place.

Here's what you see when you first enter.

The only thing I bought during the bazaar. YUMMEH!!!

Another thing that made hanging out at the bazaar fun was the little segments they had on the little stage they had set up.

This was taken on a modeling workshop. :-)


Anywhoo, I love the fact that even if you don't have extra cash, the Fashion Rev bazaar was still a good place to hang out because of the little workshops they prepared.

After the Fashion Rev bazaar, Ann, Aya, her friend, Paulo and I headed on over to the Noel bazaar for the Miss Kat Soap product launch.

Miss Kat Soap is a cosmetic brand that wants every girl to feel happy and beautiful inside and out. We deliver products that promises for a healthy, nourished skin - naturally.

I absolutely loooooved the setup of their booth!! It's so whimsical and pretty!!

Here's Aya and Miss Kat herself.

I absolutely LOOOOOOVE the packaging of their items!! Definitely Christmas gift-ables!

So there, I'll talk more about the products once I have used it already and yeah.

I'll talk to you guys again soon! :D


Aya said...

Nice seeing you again, Mitch! Thanks for the tickets and the ride :)

I love the packaging of the soaps, too! Very eye-catching :)

Denise said...

OMG i was at the FASHION REV too last Saturday! what time were you there? sayang we didn't meet! :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

welcome back mitch :D Thanks for the invite and ride :*