Thursday, August 11, 2011

Solemate of the Week DAY 2 and DAY 3

If you have no idea what this is then, hop onto the original post!

Anywhoo... Here's Day 2 and Day 3.

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Hat, Payless; Top, Ross; Bandeau, Bench; Shorts, Divi; Bracelet, Gift; Boots, Croft & Barrow

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Hat, Payless; Top, Greenhills; Necklace, Anagon & Shang; Button Down, TopShop; Bracelets, Vente and Gift; Shorts, Bench; Bag, Divi

Still the same shoes! :-)

I know the heels on these babies are pathetic compared to what other people wear but they are seriously wearing my fat and flat feet out. :-(

I can't wait to shove my feet into some comfy oxfords after this week is over.

Any of you have a challenge for me yet?

Please don't let this series die young! LOL

Oh and by the way, I have been LOVING my outfit photos these days because of Des! Thanks betch! :D Check her out!

Hope you like!

Do you wear heels daily? How high?


julia.a said...

Amazing post and pictures :), no, only dir parties :)

Noeh said...

hi gorgeous. im a closefriend of Jarethshop and told me that you fancy all her vintage stuff.. that makes two of us.. love it!

im following your blog now. hope you check and follow my blog too. i talk about fashion and more...

Aya said...

Love both outfits! The second one is just <3

teen-teen said...

Answer to your Question of the Day:
Nope. I go to school so it's impractical to wear high-heeled-shoes and running around the campus because of the tight schedule.kkkk.

I hope there will be a lot of Q for day in the coming days..kkk. ^^ Fighting!

Marie said...

Cute outfit, Michelle!:D

I wear heels as often as I can but not gonna lie, ballet flats are more comfy!;D

***** Marie *****
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fashioneggpplant said...

love your new photos! :)

Belle said...

nice outfits mich,, totally naaachieve ang challenge ha,,

Qotd- nope, im a tsinelas-girl, haha,, or sandals, or flats.. i'd love to learn wearing high heeled shoes though.. in time.. maybe

Belle said...

ooopppsss i forgot, i love your bag nga pala.. :D

Cel said...

Love how each cloth looks good on you..:)
Now following you..:)

Michelle said...

@julia: Me too! But sometimes even during parties, I still rock my flats! LOL

@Noeh: I looooove her stuff so much!! :-) Yay! I'll check you out! :D

@Aya: I love the second one too! I love the stoplight most especially! LOL

@teen-teen: Brace yourself! I do a Question of the Day every post if I remember! LOL

@Marie: Oh dear! LOL. Props to you! You must have helluva strong calves!

@Sarah: Thanks!! I do too! :D

@Belle: Thank you! Ako din super sayang kasi mga ibang outfits! Ganda ganda pag nakaheels pero di ko carry minsan!

@Cel: Thank you sooo much!