Saturday, July 9, 2011

OOTD: Stress Drilon (07/06/11)

I was watching F.A.S.H. one day and I heard Bianca Valerio say Stress Drilon and I found it funny so there.

Can I just share something?

I did my first seatwork plate in school and I got an 84.

We had to do a final plate.

I redid mine nine times because I wanted it to be perfect.

The prof returned the paper, and guess what I got?



My first line of 7 grade. :-(

But whatever, we were allowed to redo the plate if we think we can do better so, I'm definitely doing it over and I'm aiming for a 90.

Okay, rant over.

Here's what I wore today.
Top, G2000; Tank Top, Bangkok; Shorts, Naf Naf; Necklace, Palawan; Bracelet, H&M; Ring, Gift; Shoes, Artwork

This is typically what I look like after doing plates. Zoom in on my pencil-lead-infested face. Sweaty and all that crap.

But whatever.

Hope you like!

What is stressing you out right now?


thechyrelgomez said...

lack of sleep and backlogs for blog post is stressing me. natawa ako sa stress drilon. XD

i am certified said...

I overly used stress drilon word at work! waahh.. but your outfit is cuuutteee :)

BeautifulSoul said...

My internet connection super bagal it took 2-4 mins to display the page ka stress diba? Anyway i love your necklace.

Reika Amakura said...

board exams on august :(

Michelle said...

All the stressed girls should stick together and be stressed together!
(What good would that do us, though?)

@Chyrel: Natawa rin ako nung una ko yung narinig eh. =)) Hay... Naiistress din ako pag may nakikita akong unposted posts. Go lang! You can do it!

@I am certified: Ganun na ba ako kalate? I only heard it for the first time from Bianca Valerio.

@BeautifulSoul: Agree. Certified stressful situation. :-| Anyways, thanks dear. :D

@Reika: Boards for what? Ohmygosh! Good luck! I'll pray for you. :-)

Kai Sensei said...

Love your outfit! I always look forward in seeing what accessories you wear. Hehe.. The necklace looks awesome! Super like! :)

Aya said...

Physical chemistry is my major stresser right now :\

Love the texture of your top! (as if nahawakan ko sa picture) I like that it has a bit of sheen to it :)

Michelle said...

@Kai: Thank you! I always make it a point to accessorize nicely. :-)

@Aya: Omg! Yung pagkadescribe mo sa top, ganun na ganun nga ang texture. Galing! LOL And stress ko naman ang mga plates. :| Kaya natin toh!

ching said...

stressed with 3 jobs and no day off. :(
you look great. :D

Jellybelly said...

Did she really say Stress Drilon? The subtleties of fashion escapes me. I like your blog. It helps fashion challenged people like me :)

Michelle said...

@ching: Ohwow! Respect. That sounds really hard. And thanks dear. :-)

@jellybelly: Yeah she did. She always says things like those on the show. It's amusing. Oh and thank you so much! That's why I'm here. LOL

Reika Amakura said...

for veterinarians.. thanks :)

I advice you treat yourself to a spa or icecream to relieve stress :)

Michelle said...

That's so cool!!! Yeah I did. I treated myself to Happy Lemon yesterday. :-) I am now a happy camper. :-)

Mar said...

I know the answer to this post must be super late, but I'll answer anyhow. I'm stressing out on my hospital schedule duties, hahaha! Btw, I was just wondering where you got your pink h&m leather band? Love the color! - Mar
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