Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Suitcase Stories: San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge)


Of course you cannot go to San Francisco and skip on seeing the Golden Gate Bridge! It's just not done!

So, from the Palace of Fine Arts, we grabbed a cab and went to the last exit before the bridge!

Legit Yellow Cab!

I thought that the fire hydrants would be painted red, not red from rust! :-/

Mini Cooper!

I got excited seeing a mail box! LOL
If we had this here, it would be a helluva lot easier to ship!

Love this brick house!

I was the designated navigator so I had a map.
And a leaf from a random tree.
From Taiwan to San Francisco, we kept seeing this shaped leaf.

Close up of the mail box. Hihi.

Some cool car.

The bridge! At last!

My brother.

The cars passing on the bridge.

What it looks like to walk the bridge.

Beneath the bridge.

My brother's face.

"Oh say can you see...."

My feet's best friend throughout the whole trip!

Trying to be artistic! LOL

My "I'm at the Golden Gate Bridge" dance.

Another shot at being artistic!

The reason why it's red (or orange) was cause the dude who built it figured that red (or orange) was the most bright/noticeable color so, boats and stuff wouldn't go bumping into it.

Or something like that.


My sister taking our picture!

So, there you go!

Hope you like!


nikita said...

That mailbox actually isn't the mailbox you drop your letters in to be mailed. The one you took pictures of is actually a drop box for the mail man to pick up the mail for his neighborhood route. You see, houses/apartment buildings that don't have mail boxes have their mail delivered by hand from a mail carrier. That person walks on foot and goes door to door to deliver the mail. Instead of the mail carrier carrying a big heavy bag from the post office to the neighborhood that is part of his route, he just gets dropped off or takes the bus to the beginning of his route. When he gets there, he just picks up all the mail from inside that drop box and starts to deliver it. Mail trucks deliver the mail for that neighborhood before the carrier begins his route.

The actual mailboxes we drop our mail in are the blue ones.

I didn't even know what the green drop boxes were for until I had moved to San Francisco a long time ago. I usually lived in the suburbs where the mail man delivered my mail in a small truck to my mail box outside of my house.

Aya said...

Coooool :D

Michelle said...

@nikita: Thank you so much for taking time to explain that!!

I didn't know that mail trucks were only for the suburbs! It's actually what I see on TV so I thought it was that way for everyone there!

@Aya: DIBA?

makeup,hauls, and anything under the sun! said...

wow! its soooo nice there! i'd love to trade places with you! lol

Madj said...

Ang pretty mo Mitch :)

Michelle said...

@Iya: Hayy.. I wish I could go back there! I'm home na eh.

@Madj: Kilig! hihi

hellomissa said...

AWESOME! Are you only visiting? I live around SF area! (: I LOVE PALACE OF FINE ARTS haha, i went there for a field trip two semesters ago. (: Hehe you're so adorable. LOVED this post! The Golden Gate Bridge is awesome. This place is home to me. (: Take care!

- Missa

Marie said...

Looks like you had a fab time in San Francisco!:D

Loving those shoes, btw.:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

@Missa: When we got to the Palace of Fine Arts, I was like, where is it? :))

I was expecting a museum type thing! LOL

@Marie: Yeap! It was awesome there! I got sad when we had to leave! :(

fashioneggpplant said...

looks very windy! :) love SF :)

Michelle said...

Everything was flying everywhere! LOL

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