Monday, June 27, 2011

Review: Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash


I bought this to use as a facial wash but then, upon further reading of the label, I realized that this was a scrub. But nonetheless, here's a review.


1. Packaging: (5/5)
The cap is sometimes hard to flip back but overall, I love the packaging. It's simple and convenient.

2. Scent: (3/5)
Not a big fan of the scent but I'm not repulsed by it either. It has a nature-y scent with hints of citrus smells.

3. Consistency: (5/5)
It has a gel-like consistency so, I like it. It's quite runny but the packaging helps the product stay in the bottle and not gush out.

4. Lathering: (4/5)
It lathers pretty well on the skin.

5. Exfoliating Effect: (3/5)
The beads aren't as big as some of the other exfoliators I've tried so, again, people with sensitive skin would enjoy this. However, people who do not have sensitive skin can definitely live with using this as a daily facial cleanser.


WOULD I RECOMMEND?: Yes. (As an exfoliator for people who have sensitive skin and as a daily cleanser for the others.)


Price: Php229
Availability: I got mine at Rustan's Department Store but you can get them from Human Heart Nature dealers as well as their website (

**For the benefit of the people who don't have sensitive skin, here is a demonstration of how it works as a cleanser.

This is my face before washing anything off.

Wiped half of the face away with toner/cold cream.
(I couldn't remember which one I used)

Here's the dirt of that half of the face on a cotton ball.

Washed all of my face with the Human Heart Nature Balancing Facial Wash.

Here's the dirt that's left on the OTHER side of the face.
(The one I didn't clean a while ago.)

So, here are the two cotton balls side by side.
On the top is the before and below it is the after.

Hope you like!


aringkingking said...

i just bought the same facial wash, i have a cousin who's a dealer and she recommended this to me coz i have oily skin, ill do a review too about this once im finished trying it.

Aya said...

I have a list of products that I will buy from Human <3 Nature. Maybe I should include this? :) Thanks for the review! :)

Michelle said...

@kingking: Ooohhh... I didn't know that this was good for oily skin. :-/ LOL I use it as an exfoliator though. :-))

@Aya: This ones a good one! :D

shopgirl jen said...

i'm a fan of human nature! will buy this pag naubos ko na ung current facial wash/scrub ko :)

DeBi said...

I am a Human Heart Nature fan and im thinking of what to buy as a facial wash...might grab this one... :)

Michelle said...

@shopgirl jen: Me din!! :D Yay!

@DeBi: Go! Tell me how it works. :D

Lavender said...

Hi Michelle

Thanks for dropping by again. You cheered me up each time I see your comments! Have a blessed week.

Michelle said...

You are sooo welcome!! :D I have this OCD thing that I have to comment on EACH and every blog post of the blogs I follow so, that's why! :D

Kumiko Mae said...

I love human nature products! :D this cleanser's so refreshing. if you leave it a short while on the skin, minty! :D

Michelle said...

Oooohhh! Sige, I'll try that. Thanks Kumiko! :D

Anonymous said...

which is better?the EH tea time or this?:)

Michelle said...

I use them differently. I use the Etude House one for facial wash but this one for exfoliating.:-)