Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OOTD: Happy Birthday Ahya! (6/27/11)

Ahya - (n.) Older Brother

This was kinda my outfit for the first day of school.

I said "kinda" because for school, I was wearing a pair of dark washed boot cut jeans.

I changed when I got home cause those jeans were hella tight.

We had dinner at Agave, Bonifacio High Street.

Top, Jacqueline Jarethshop; Shorts, Bench; Necklace, Alaska; Cuff, Greenhills; Ring, Forever21; Sandals, Ross

Hope you like!

Would you wear flared jeans anytime soon or do you swear by your skinny jeans?


Maria said...

I♥ the necklace! :)

Divina Joy said...

Love the necklace and the footwear. Happy birthday to your brother!

Sloperation said...

this is too cute! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks Maria! :D I sooo love it too!!

Thanks Divina! My brother says thanks too! LOL

SLO!!! IMY!!! \:D/

DeBi said...

happy birthday to your brother! I really like that necklace of

Im more of a flare girl...i feel that skinny jeans don't flatter me at all

Michelle said...

:O:O:O! Really?? I didn't think people wore flares anymore! COOL!

Aya said...

Ooooh I remember that ring from your other post. Super like :D And the Alaska necklace too!

Michelle said...

Wow! Memorized!! LOL

AyLin said...

Wow Mich, the necklace is soooooo cute!

Witoxicity said...

The necklace and ring - VERY cool! Btw, I answered your question (in the comment) yesterday about the nail polish giveaway. I'm still awaiting your email. :)

ching said...

i adore how laid back your outfit is.

Lonneke said...

ahw, this outfit is so cute and it looks amazing on you! should we follow eachother? xx

WonderWoman said...

Love your accessories! And happy birthday to your brother.

I swear by my skinny jeans, btw. Flared jeans hide too much of my shoes and don't flaunt my ass(ets) as well as my skinnies do. :p

Michelle said...

@AyLin: Thank you soo much! :D

@Witoxicity: I emailed you already! :-D

@ching: That's me in a nutshell! :D

@Lonneke: I'll check your blog out when I get home! :-)

@WonderWoman: I'm walking the line separating the two. =)) But definitely prefer skinnies too! Thanks dear!