Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Award: Blogger Luxury Award

Helloooo Honeys!!

1. Thank the people who awarded you. (Link their blog in the post and all that)
2. Say 7 Random Facts about you.
3. Award 15 people and tell them in the comments!

I got an award!! Yay!! :) I have three looovely people to thank:

  1. Aya - Check her out! She has the coolest post, reviews and nail art!
  2. Slo - She has the most detailed and noober-friendly tutorials and reviews I have ever seen!!
  3. Tiff - She has the cutest blog posts ever! It oozes of her personality!
Okay! So, 7 random facts! Here goes!

Numero Uno: I come from a grande familia.
Daddy's not in the photo but don't worry, I have one.

Numero Dos: I am whipped!
Meet the boyfriend of nineteen months.

Numero Tres: I'm a Coke addict.
The good kind of coke, that is.

Numero Quatro: Gimme a pair of scissors, and I'll end up with a brand new wardrobe!
Believe it or not, this used to be a plain white tee.

Numero Cinco: I used to talk to myself in English. That's how I got my accent...
...that got me into hosting an event.

Numero Seis: I want to have curly hair.
Really badly.

Numero Siete: I'm secretly a transformer.
My weight fluctuates really really badly.


Here are some of the blogs that I enjoy reading and whom I think deserve the award!
Again, I cheat. I'm 5 people short! LOL

So there's you go!

Hope you like!


Aya said...

Mitch! Ang cute ng DIY top :D

Michelle said...

Thanks Aya!! :D

Hollie said...

congrats on the award... and I love every single 7 bits bout you. :D

Michelle said...

Awww!Thanks Hollie! You're too sweet! :D

voodoo girl said...

Thanks, dear! :)

BeautifulSoul said...

wow cool blog! ^_^

fashioneggpplant said...

I wanna have curly hair too, badly! hehe, cute pic of you and the bf :)

Michelle said...

@voodoo girl: No problem! :-)

@Beautiful Soul: Thank you so much! :-) Cool name! Reminds me of Jesse McCartney. LOL

@fashioneggplant: Hihi! Thank you! I had my hair permed last year. Too bad it only lasted a few months. :-(

wickeRmoss said...

thanks mitch! the no.1 OC commentor of the decade lol!

Michelle said...

LOLOL! Thanks Charles! See you on Saturday! :-)

Trina said...

Thank you Mitch! I just saw this now. I'm still figuring out how to work this blog thing :)) NOOB! But thank youuuuu :) Wheee my first award! hahah

Michelle said...

No problem Trina!! I'm glad to have given you your first award!! :-)

LBSfashion said...

thank yooou!! :x

Michelle said...

No problem!! :-)

cafémobility said...

i am having a hard time deciphering as to who you resembled like, was it lea salonga? or kaye abad?

Michelle said...

LOL! Either way, thank you very much! :D