Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tutorial: Spring Trends (Smoky Eyes)


Another entry for my spring trends series. I already did a Smoky Eye tutorial before but this one's a bit more detailed (?) or intricate (?). So, yeah.

So, here's my take on it.

First up, you need to prime your eyes.

Next, pick a mid-tone color and place it all over your lids. In this case, I picked a mid-tone silver but this works for pretty much any color.

But smoky eyes are typically made with dark-colored shadows.

Whatever color you may choose, remember to extend the shadow to your lower lash line as well in order to achieve the full smoky effect.

Next up, is to give depth to your eyes.
Pick a color that's significantly darker than the first color you chose. Make an angled line similar to that of a winged liner and extend this line into your crease to give it depth.

Similar to what you did with the first color, extend this shadow to your lower lash line but only go halfway so that the rest of the way, the first shadow still peeks through.

The next step is key to achieving a good smoky look. Blending.
Blend the dark color that you've just placed in your crease. Blend it upwards and upwards as well in order to achieve a full gradient effect.

Don't stop blending until you can no longer tell where the first shadow stops and where the second shadow starts.

The goal of blending is to erase all harsh lines.

Next is the inner color highlight.
Since we are dealing with dark colors, this can sometimes weigh your eyes down. In order to remedy that, grab an eyeshadow color that is significantly lighter than the first eyeshadow color that you picked.

Apply this in your inner conner, in the same general area of the tear duct. Remember to apply this both in the upper and lower inner corner.

And again, do not forget to blend the lightest color with the two other shadows that you have placed earlier.

Lastly, apply your liner and mascara.
Apply them as you normally would.

I skipped the blush for this particular look cause I wanted to achieve the look of a pale face but dark eyes. But if you do not like the pale look, then I suggest picking a blush that is warm in order to give you color but not take away the focus from your eyes.

As for the lips, in line with my paled out face, I wanted to pale out my lips.
I used a creamy concealer on my lips and topped it off with clear gloss. My natural lip pigmentation still shines through but the general idea of a pale lip is predominant.

So, this is what the outcome looks like.
This is my take on the smoky eyes trend.

I hope you guys enjoyed!



Tessa said...

you look like mk from beastly on your last photo :D

very nice tutorial :)

The Beauty-Addict said...

love it mitch! will do this! :)) awesome post!

Sloperation said...

duck face! cuteness! :) love it. Love the eyes!

Pammy said...

Love the smokey eyes but I still prefer the cute girly makeup on you. :P

Yen said...

I love how you did the angled dark color on the outer corner. I didn't know you could do that. Haha.

Very nice smokey eye. :)

sugar sugar said...

LOL! lurve the duck lips! you are so cute mich! :)

fashioneggpplant said...

beautiful! the last photo is so funny! :)

Marie said...

Sexy look!:D

***** Marie *****

Witoxicity said...

That's a fab smokey look! I sooo love it, Michelle. :)