Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tutorial: Faking Pastel Nails by Layering Polishes

Hey hey heyy!!

So, pastels are another huge thing this spring. So, I thought I'd do this neat thing where you can fake the look of pastels.

Faux-stels. LOL
The Face Shop Nail Polish in YL702
No Namer Polish
Bobbie Basic Special Quick Dry

Start with a Base Coat
Then your yellow nail polish.
The only other color that I've tried this with and it turned out nice was hot pink.

Okay, so, sorry for the no namer polish but here's a close up shot of it. Hopefully you'll find something similar but if you don't, a sheer peach color would probably work.

Layer that on top of the yellow polish.
There you go!

Here's a disgustingly close shot of my big toe. :D As you can see, the no namer polish tones down the brightness of the yellow and gives it a pastel-ish finish!

Hope you like!


Aya said...

FAUX-STELS! Hahahaha :D

AVA T.♥ said...

nice job!!:) hehe

Ar-Ar Malalis said...

You're good at trying new things! bright idea!

Marie said...

Shimmery bright yellow.:D

***** Marie *****

Tessa said...

oh.. haven't tried layering polishes. nice tutorials :) might try this one of these days :)