Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review: Regina's Php10 Nail Polishes

Hey guyyysss!!

A couple of hauls ago, I showed you guys two polishes that broke the challenge. I think I failed to mention that I bought those from Regina's at Shoppesville, Greenhills.

I was just looking around the store when I saw this little box of little bottles of polishes. I was looking through the colors and I saw that they were only Php10 for each bottle.

I was so excited which was why I bought two bottles. I didn't know what to expect since they were really cheap.

I should have known better though. When I wore the green polish, when the polish chipped, my nails chipped along with it!

With the coral polish though, it was very weird. The polish smelled like actual paint. It's very thick and goopy.
After a while, I don't know what happened but it started turning white. It starts from the tips of the nails and works its way up.

It's very strange and I have never encountered nail polish with which this occurs.

This made me very skeptical about the polishes being sold there. I think it's actual paint that they put in little bottles. I know that sounds stupid but that's what I think.

I don't really recommend purchasing polishes from Regina's. Or if you really want to avail of the deal, try avoiding the bottles with the black cap.

I hope this helps some of you!


Hazel said...

yikes! :| bad experience! good thing it only cost you 20pesos

Wella said...

Nah. Affordable polish has reason to affordable.:) Sometimes the quality is compromised.

Aya said...

Oh scary. No wonder they only cost P10 each O_O

che said...

Boo to the quality, at least they were not too expensive. But yikes about your nail chipping w/ it o_o The coral seems like it would have been such a pretty colour too.

Michelle said...

@Hazel: Yup! Good thing it wasn't too much! :)

@Wella: Yeah, too bad! It would have been awesome if this worked! But I guess you couldn't expect much from this!

@Aya: Yup! It would have been epic if they worked properly!

@che: Yeah, I really liked the coral one! Too bad!

Karla Michelle said...

ay.. katakot naman.. :)

Michelle said...

Yeap! Sayang! :-/ :))

fashioneggpplant said...

i was just looking at those kanina! good thing i didn't buy any. go to hbc nalang :)

Michelle said...

Good thing you did!! I'm actually toying with two new polishes that I got at Unimart for 13 pesos. They have potential! :)

JesRoque said...

Sayang. Buti na lang 10 pesos lang. :)
I am a new follower. Please check out my blog too.

Michelle said...

Good thing I didn't have to spend too much for it!

I'll check it out! Thanks JesRoque

Hollie said...

Toinks! kaya pala 10 pesos lng...Sayang talaga. There are other polishes with similar price that are really good. Oh well, good thing you only bought 2.

10 peso color for 10 minutes...lol!

Anonymous said...

=( i hope you had no skin reactions whatsoever. thanks for informing us about regina's polishes. very helpful.

Michelle said...

@Hollie: FUNNY!!! :)) Oonga naman. Piso per minute. =))

@Reina: Thank yoU! :) And no, my hands are fine. :D