Monday, April 11, 2011

Review: Klik Regular Nail Polish (Php13)


Hazel requested a review for these polishes so, here it is!

I'm eternally looking for decent quality but inexpensive polishes. I have had a few fails before like the Regina's Polishes which sell for Php10 each bottle but I do think these may be a win.
The packaging is pretty decent. It's small and square which is kinda unique. It doesn't have the ingredients printed on it though which is a potential problem to some of you.

Other than that, the packaging is pretty good considering the price you're paying for it.

The color range is impressive. If you visit Unimart at Greenhills, they have a very wide variety of colors you can choose from. But Unimart is the only place I've ever seen them so, they might not be widely available.

Onto the actual formulation.
As you can see in the photo above, it took four coats for it to reach my desired level of opacity. Four coats is a coat more than what I'm used to but, again, considering the price, we should be thankful that it doesn't take the whole bottle to become opaque.

Drying time is typical but slightly on the quick side. It's not one of those polishes that dry within thirty seconds but it's not one of those that take forever to dry either.

As you can see in the photo above, this time, it only took three coats to be completely opaque so, I guess it varies per bottle but it probably just ranges from three to four coats.

The formulation is actually not a problem because from experience with drugstore polishes, like my Caress polishes, the longer I had it, the lesser coats it took to become opaque.

Based solely on the aforementioned, I think it's a pretty good polish for Php13 something. (Check my haul for the exact price)

The staying power is a different topic altogether. In my opinion, the nail polish is only as good as your base/top coat. But I did take it on a road test.

Four days after I have painted my nails and NO CHIPS IN SIGHT! It's amazing! My Caress polishes chip within the next three days.

Although, what I can say about this polish is that you're gonna need a good top coat over this. As you can see from the photos above, there were scratches and dents on it.

And can someone help me with this? In the very top photo of the three above, there are bumps/bubbles. What are those? Please comment. Thank you!

So, there you have it!

Personally, I would definitely be purchasing more from this brand. I love the colors and I love the price! All I need is a good top coat and it will be amazing!

Hope you like!

Is there anything else you guys would like me to do/review? I'll do anything for you!


sugar sugar said...

3 coats? :/ but it does look so milky! hmmm... i guess i'll be checking these out too! ^-^

Hollie said...

I have a couple of Klik nail polishes too! they have a pretty good quality for the price. and they offer beautiful shades too.

nikita said...

If you're getting bubbles after you paint your nails, you're not letting the paint dry enough between coats. Same goes for any dents you might get after you paint your nails. Make sure the paint is completely dry before applying another coat.

I highly suggest you try using a fast drying top coat like Seche Vite. It will speed up the drying time and prevent any nail chips. Since I started using SV, my manicures last a lot longer!

Ar-Ar said...

Nikita is right. You will just have to wait for it to get really dry or it will end up like the first photo.

Imma try this one.. Opaque really looks nice.

louise said...

lovely colors

have a couple of these but I couldn't stand that I needed to many coats for the color to pay off...It;s also available at Isetann...hehehe :D

Michelle said...

@sugar sugar: I know! But it looks nice on! So pretty! :) Especially for the price you're paying. :)

@Hollie: Awesome right? Will definitely be buying more!

@Nikita: Oooohhh... So that's what that was. Thank you soo much!! :)

@Ar-Ar: Will definitely keep that in mind! Thank you soo much!!

@louise: I would do anything just to save a couple of bucks. :) Thank you!

Aya said...

Nice pastel colors <3 I haven't seen this brand here yet. Pretty good, considering the price :D

And I get bubbles sometimes too. I read somewhere that to avoid that, we just need to roll the polish bottle gently between the palms of the hands or something instead of shaking it vigorously :/

Hazel said...

yay thanks for the review! will definitely sneak on buying these since my mom doesn't approve me collecting so much polishes haha :D

Michelle said...

@Aya: They said that we have to let the polish dry completely before applying another coat! Haha

@Hazel: The bottles are pretty small so they're easy to hide! LOL

JesRoque said...

I love the Klik polishes! :)

Michelle said...

Love them!! I'm gonna go get some more!!

Elaine said...

I've tried these but not really satisfied with it. Bought them from a bulk buy in Divisoria. Haha.

The bubbles, it must have been too thick, or wasn't dry enough between coats, since you used 3-4 coats, it didn't dry up quickly so it became thick. Or another reason could be you put on nail polish in front of an electric fan, and that causes bubbles.

For the dents the same reason but I think from the photos they look a little like sheet marks, maybe you painted your nails before going to bed? After the top coat dries you can wash your hands with cold water and soap to seal in the polish and it can help with sheet marks.

Loooong comment. Haha hope that helps! But I love the pastel-y colors! It's so summer-y!

Marie said...

Thanks for the review and pictures.:D

Four coats is not that bad..

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

@Elaine: Woah! I think you gave me all the reasons! :) Thank you sooo much!!! :D:D:D:D

@Marie: Thank you so much! I will definitely buy more. :)

Michelle Lee said...

great polish colors :)

che said...

Oh la la I like both colours, but then again I'm biased cause I love pastels.

Michelle said...

@Michelle: I looove those colors too!!! :D:D

@che: I looove pastels tooo!! :D