Saturday, April 9, 2011

Legit Blog: Nostalgia Night (Good Charlotte in Glorietta)


Last Wednesday, I went to Glorietta to see Good Charlotte's mall concert. First, let me introduce you to my date for the night.
She's my high school buddy and we went into the "punk" phase at around the same time so, it was super awesome to experience the concert with her.

We got there at around 6:15PM and the place was packed! We totally did not expect that many people to be there but we were wrong! We tried going around the whole area to look for some free areas.

Oh and by the way, all the photos here are edited except the last photo.Also, I figured since these are more of artistic-ish photos that I shouldn't use my usual obvious watermark so, my mark is still there so don't get any ideas! LOL

Anyways, the two photos above were pretty much our view of the stage. But thanks to the super zoom that Canon DSLR offers, we were able to get a pretty decent view of what was happening.

Here's Joel Madden. Super super super cutie!! :)

Then, here's Benji Madden!

Here are both of the Madden boys!

I think Joel was saying goodbye. I'm not really sure! LOL

This last photo is an homage to that one guy who kept blocking my camera's view of the stage. Dude, you suck. LOLJK.

The whole thing ended at around 8:00PM and we just ate a bit of dinner afterwards. It was so awesome to have been able to chat with one of the oldest friends I had.

I drove home and when I got home at 9:00PM+, my mom was like, "Ba't ang aga mo?"

Ganun? Sorry ah! =))

Anyways, here are the videos that I took. Sorry for the shaky-ness and the heads. Take note, I was holding up my very huge SLR over my head with my arms fully stretched out so, hindi ako si superman!


The rest of the videos are on my brand new Facebook Public Page!

Hope you like!


geishcharles said...

faaark! when was this?! can't believe i missed this, BOOHOO. Good Charlotte woots! :))

Aya said...

Hahaha si kuya nakaharang. And look at the pinky. LOL

The Beauty-Addict said...

love the owl ring mitch! :)) is that for sale lol hmm para i want to create na rin a fan page :))

Ashley Borysewich said...

love them!
love your blog, following you now :)

CHARRY said...

wow you saw the madden brothers, that's so cool! ;) I wonder is nicole richie there too? lol. Lucky girl. ;)

Hazel said...

wuhoo! this is free right?? Galing ng shots! :D

Pammy said...

Oooh, the Madden brothers. :P

It sucks that your view was blocked by the guy. But then I guess everyone wanted a video of the awesome Good Charlotte. ;D

Michelle said...

@geishcharles: I saw it in one tiny little billboard in EDSA. Very unadvertised! :))

@Aya: Social sya eh. :))

@The Beauty-Addict: Go! Everyone has one na! :))

@Ashley: Thank you sooo much!! :D

@Charry: Hmmm... I didn't see her though! LOL

@Hazel: Yup! Free concert! LOL

@Pammy: They're too irresistible. LOL

Sab said...

Wahoo! Lucky girl!! :D

Hollie said...

wow! you saw them up close and looks like you had tons of fun!

Michelle said...

@Sab: It was amazing!!

@Hollie: Zoom lang yan! =)))

AVA T.♥ said...

i loved good charlotte as a kid. I think they're still pretty cool :)

fashioneggpplant said...

you were able to take some good shots! :)

Jennifer said...

sounds like a fun and loud night with Good Charlotte!!! i haven't heard their songs for ages :D

Michelle said...

@Ava: I know right? They are beyond cool!! :)

@fashioneggplant: I owe it all to my super awesome camera. :)

@Jennifer: This was the first in a very long time that I heard their songs! :))

Marie said...

Looks like you had a great time and your mom is funny.:D

Thanks for the pictures!:D

***** Marie *****

sugar sugar said...

panalo mom mo! LOL! =D looks like you guys had an awesome time! :)

Michelle said...

@Marie: No problem! And yeah, she's just naturally that way! LOL

@sugar sugar: Ayaw pa ata ako pauwiin nun eh =)) And yeap! It was an awesome nighT! :D

DeBi said... inggit!

Michelle said...

@DeBi: LOL Thank you! :D