Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fashion: Accessorization (Bracelets)


I'm sorry if I'm doing these posts in a row. I usually try to space out similar posts but I really want to finish this series before I leave so, for today and tomorrow, it'll both be accessorization posts.

Anywhoo, this one's for bracelets. I've been really into bracelets lately and here's how I usually wear them.

These kinds of bracelets are too loud to be mixed with other pieces so, things like these, I'd rather wear alone.

Actually, this is more of a bangle than a bracelet... right? Actually it's a cuff. But whatever it is, I'd still wear it alone. :D

However, if you want to mix bracelets but every time you do it, you feel like something is wrong, here are a few tips.

One is to mix like colors. In the photo above, I mixed all my silver bracelets together and added one with a little turquoise for a pop of color.

Another is to mix like tones. In the photo above, I put on a couple of my warm toned bracelets and threw in a floral bracelet to give everything a summer effect.

I mentioned earlier that you can mix like colors, in relation to that, you can also mix like materials. I got my three bracelets that had some rock/shell detailing in them.

But stacking bracelets is just a matter of personal taste. In the photo above, I just grabbed everything that I haven't worn yet and jammed them up my wrist. For some, it might look good, for others, not really.

But just try and experiment to find your personal style.

So, yeah!

Hope you like!


AVA T.♥ said...

Love your bracelets!

Aya said...

Yey thanks! Been waiting for this one. Hehehe

Michelle said...

@Ava: Thank you! My babies! LOL

@Aya: Hope it helped! :-/ :)))

Hazel said...

cute bracelets!!! need to buy more accessories :|

Michelle said...

Yeah, you should!! It totally helps an outfit!! :)

DeBi said...

like the first one!!!

Michelle said...

Love that one too! Very summer! :)

Marie said...

Nice bracelet combos, Michelle!:D

Have a fun vacation!:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

Thanks Marie! Will do! :)

Joice said...

i really love this accessorization series!!! excited for the next installment!

Michelle said...

Thank you!

Keep yourself posted. :) The last one is tomorrow! :)