Thursday, March 10, 2011

Review: Chic Classic Nail Color Regular Base Coat


I previously reviewed my old base coat from Caronia and if you have read that, you know that it is not worth the money.

I randomly picked up a clear polish to use as a base and top coat and I turn the bottle over and I find out that it really was a legit base coat.

5: Beyond Explanation
4: Awesome
3: Decent
2: Dislike
1: Hate
0: Abhor

1. Packaging: (3/5)
The packaging is decent but I must admit, to me, they look kinda cheap. It's similar to the packaging of the Caronia nail polishes which I also don't care for.

2. Application: (3/5)
The application is okay. It applies pretty much the same as any regular polish.

3. Drying Time: (3/5)
The drying time is decent as well. Nothing special but it doesn't take forever to dry which is kinda good.

4. Smoothness of Color Polish: (4/5)
I was going to give this a zero but I think it's my fault that I got dents in the colored nail polish. Basically, in my right hand, it looks amazing. It's smooth and dent-free. But on my left hand, dents galore. So, I think that it needs just a little bit more time to dry so that the quality of the color polish turns out better.

5. Lasting Power: (3/5)
When using my Caress polishes, within a week, it chipped like crazy. But when I use my The Face Shop polishes, which are notorious for chipping, it stayed put. It did get some wear and tear on the tips but other than that, it's still pretty good. So, I guess it still depends on the lasting power of the colored polish itself.

WOULD I RECOMMEND?: No. There are definitely better brands of base coats

Price: Php38 for 15mL
Availability: Mercury Drug

Do you guys have any recommendations for good base coats?


~tHiAmErE~ said...

hmmm...for local brands, bobbie is the one that i use. i have tried a couple of base coats as well i think the the face shop's base coat is dries pretty fast & is not glossy so it gives a good base for polishes to cling to...same with the ottie one. the elianto base coat has a glossy finish though.

i have tried sally hansen's hardening base & top coat. it peels though..hehe but it's good to be used a base for your own-made nail sticker..hehe

Fruity Lashes said...

great review! though i've never heard of this brand now i know i won't be getting it anymore.

check out my current giveaway if you're interested

Locke said...

i thought of trying this one but glad i didn't get it^^ i'm using etude house's jelly pop colorless polish which is glossy and kinda thick in consistency compared with the regular nail polishes.i use it as a base and top coat and it peels too :)

Michelle said...

@thiamere: Bobbie is officialy next on the list! I don't buy anything from Sally Hansen, they test on animals. :(

@Fruity Lashes: It's a local brand. I usually see them in Mercury Drug Store and in Unimart as well.

@Locke: Peel as in those peel-able nail polishes? I'll check that out too! But I'm gonna check out Bobbie first, I'll go for that one next.

Thanks guys! :D

Sab said...

Does it "bubble" up or something? :))

Michelle said...

Nope but even when it's dry to the touch, your colored nail polish can still get dents and gashes.

Aya said...

I also use the Bobbie base coat. I heard Elianto's is good too :)

Michelle said...

I haven't seen the Bobbie Base Coat before. Maybe it's cause I haven't been paying attention.

I'll look for that next time. Thanks Aya! :)

fashioneggpplant said...

i love the new look of your blog. your header is so cute! :)

Michelle said...

*cough* FAN GIRL *cough*

Thank you, though! :)

CHAR said...

Great review! Ive tried this brand once or twice and it was okay. :)

Btw, i emailed you. Hope you got it!

Michelle said...

Thanks! I've only ever tried this base coat and a glitter polish.

I'll check now. :D


Oh i'm using Sally Hansen, yikes i didn't know they test on animals. Btw, i'm liking your header. You and your boyfie looks so adorably cute! Enjoy your April's sooo near already:-)

Michelle said...

I read that it does but a lot of companies are becoming cruelty free lately that you really have to update yourself on things. =))) They might be clean now.

The dude on my header is Lance Bass. He's from Nsync. I'm in a fan girl phase right now.

Riya~ said...

I just notice that I never really use a top coat for my nails lol that reminds me, I need to start doing that now!

Michelle said...

LOL! That's my reaction when I see other people using base and top coats. :)

Elaine said...

I use The Face Shop's base coat! I love it. :)