Thursday, March 3, 2011

OOTD: Lost track of the dates! :o


Here's another batch of OOTD's. These were stocked on my laptop for such a long time and I keep putting off showing you guys because I was lazy.

'Cause of that, I lost track of the dates. :(

Oh well. I still hope you guys like! :)

Unknown Date
Red "I Like To Bang Shirt"; People are People
Pinstripe Jeans; Bench

Leather Back Pack; Kimbell; Php700; SM Department Store

Gray Sneakers; Off Shores; Php200; Surplus Store

Philippine Flag Watch; Christmas Party Prize

Unknown Date
Heart Ring; Power Station
Owl Necklace; Forever21; Gift

Striped Shirt; Divisoria; Php100
Black Zip Down Top; G2000/U2 (Not sure)
Black Leggings; Greenhills; Php250
Tan Sandals; Forever21

February 16, 2011
Black Cropped Top; Cheese, Greenhills
Pink Tank Top; Gracy's; Platinum Mall Bangkok
Jeans; Bench
Watch; Fossil; Php5,000
Green and Black Flats; SO! Fab; Php700

Unknown Date


Green Poncho; Php400; Greenhills
Black Leggings; Php250; Greenhills

Bronze Strappy Sandals; HDY; Php333

Leather Bag; Superga; Travel Club
Gold Belt; Market! Market! Department Store
Fossil Watch; Php5,000
Leather Cuff; Php250; Greenhills

Moccassins; Artwork; Php899; Gift from Boyfriend

February 19, 2011

Going to the Dentist
Green Shirt; Zara
Shorts; Old Bench Jeans
Black Flip Flops; Roxy
Watch; Fossil

Going to Hong Kong
Black Cardigan; NOOZ; Platinum Mall, Bangkok

Blue Dress; Zara
Watch; Fossil; Php5,000
Brown Belt; Market! Market! Department Store
Black Leggings; Greenhills; Php250

Oxfords; Dorothy Perkins; Php2,ooo

February 23, 2011

Home from Hong Kong
Black Cardigan; NOOZ; Platinum Mall, Bangkok
Head Band; Market! Market! Department Store; Php199
Dress; People are People
Watch; Fossil; Php5,000
Leggings; Greenhills; Php250
Boots; Causeway Bay; HKD399

February 24, 2011

Polo Jeans; Ross
Silver Strappy Sandals; CMG; Php2,000
Jeans; Bench

Watch; Fossil; Php5,000
Cross Necklace; Ma Belle

There! I'm sorry it's all over the place! Hope you like! :)


evey ♥ said...

i enjoyed looking at ur pictures dear ur so cute..:) and those stuffs were all very nice...

camgaga said...

i've always wanted a pair of oxford shoes..hehe btw you look like my bf's younger sister..

Aya said...

The going-to-hongkong outfit is my fave :) love the dress :D

Michelle said...

@evey: Thank you soooo much!!!

@camgaga: She must be very pretty then :D

@Aya: It was cute but I got freakin cold!

AVA T.♥ said...

I love your Moccassins :) cute outfit posts!

Michelle said...

Thank you! Yet another gift from the boyfriend! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahah, that Philippine flag watch is amazing! Love it :)

Michelle said...

You gotta love patriotism!

Morgan I. said...

OH my goodness, both of the sandals are my favorite!!! Awesome! And I love how one of the shoe pictures was taken next to a toilet. XD

Nadine Natalin said...

I ♥ your home from HK outfit :) && can i just have your PH flag watch? kiddin'

Michelle said...

Morgan: I was waiting for someone to point that out! LOL

@Nadine: Thanks! and NO! It's mine! LOLJK.