Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Blog: My Brain, Verbalized

hi guys!

I'm starting a new blog.

It's more of just thoughts and things going on in my head.

Here's part of my first post.


My current FaceBook status:

If your happiness depends on other people or other things that you can't control then, be prepared for one sucky life.


If you're a guy and you like this girl, your happiness will depend on what this girl does in relation to you.

If she talks to you, you're ecstatic.

If she ignores you, you're suicidal.

On the other side of the hemisphere...


To see the whole thing, just click "Happiness"

To see the blog, just click "My Brain, Verbalized"

See you there!


evey ♥ said...

Wow a great start dear! good luck on ur new blog.. hope i can visit u there sometime soon.. take care!

Michelle said...

Thank you thank you! :D It's a more honest blog. All about mee!