Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Haul: Hong Kong 'Til Now


I tried doing a few things different in the editing department. I suddenly had a surge of energy and I took advantage of that by editing photos that I have been putting off over and over again.

This haul is "collective" but it's not too much items so, I didn't feel comfortable calling it that.

Anyways, on with the haul!

1. Fleece Gloves; HKD10 Store
2. Earphones; HKD10 Store
3. Bangle; from the boyfriend
4. Bracelets; H&M; HKD29.90
5. Cross Necklace; Ma Belle
6. "Lovely" and "Gorgeous" Connector Rings; H&M; HKD43
Esprit; forgot how much!
H&M; HKD80 (approximately)
H&M; HKD80 (approximately)
H&M; HKD99
(This was actually what I wore during my hosting experience)
Causeway Bay; HKD400 (if I remember correctly)
(This was what I wore during my trip back to Manila)
Left: Php125.50
Right: Php125
*But the lady only charged me Php250 total*

That's it!

I hope you guys like! I'm sorry for forgetting most of the prices! :( I'll do better to remember next time.

Oh! And I also bought an EOS Lip Balm and you can see that in my Legit Blog about Hong Kong.

Hope you loved the new editing!


Hollie said...

Love your picks especially the black boots! I noticed your new banner, I really like it.
by the way, you might want to check out my celeteque facial wash review.

Michelle said...

I needed to further emphasize my fan girl-ness. I'll check that out! :D I was thinking of making one too! LOL

Anonymous said...

i like the cherry tanktop :)
so cute!

Hollie said...

you should make one too. I'll wait for it. btw sis, my celeteque facial wash is almost empty, but I don't I'm thinking of trying out other brands. can you suggest something else? I'm currently eying the Neutrogena deep clean facial wash. but I'm not really sure.

Michelle said...

@Reina: Thanks. I looove it!! :D

@Hollie: I replied on your blog. Hope that helps! :)

Hollie said...

Thanks for your reply.
I've already tried the St. Ives Apricot scrub and actually already emptied it. But I didn't repurchase coz I wanted to try the PureBeauty Exfoliating facial scrub which I'm using now. I even have a review about it too.LOL

I'll probably just try the neutrogena one..hehe

Hollie said...

BTW, there's a st. ives apricot scrub for sensitive skin, you may want to look into it.

Locke said...

love your haul :D and the black boots are cute! show us an outfit with your black boots on, would be awesome^^

Locke said...

btw, i love your new header :D

Aya said...

Nice boots! I love your new blog header, btw :D

sugar sugar said...

cute boots! super love the tops! great purchases mich! =) btw, i tagged you here:

Michelle said...

@Hollie: I will check that one out! Wow! You have a review for everything! Thank you! :D

@Locke: I already did and it's linked in the blog. :) And thank you! :D

@Aya: Lance Bass FTW!!!

@Sugar sugar: Yay!!! I'll do that ASAP! :)

ShyGirl said...

Ooo I love those boots! And I loove that striped tank! It would be so cute under a blazer with some skinny jeans. I wish we had an H&M where I live! Great finds girl :)

thegreenhairclip said...

i hope h&m comes here in MLA!!! i love the connector rings. let me know when ur going back to HK, pls pls.. hehe :) love all your purchases! :)

Michelle said...

@shygirl: I loooove your idea!! I'll totally try wearing that. :)

@thegreenhairclip: I KNOW!!!!!!! I want them to come here and open a store already!!

Nadine Natalin said...

nice haul :) I really love your booties ♥

Sara.H said...

WOW! love your haul. :)

New follower here. I have to say that you have a great blog. Do check out my blog sometime :)

Michelle said...

@Nadine: Thank you! :) They're comfy too! :D

@Sara H.: I'll try to check it when I get home. :) Thank you Sara! :)

carinamodella said...

nice booties! the tops are also nice...perfect for summer :)

Michelle said...

But the thing is, I'm spending summer in Alaska. Epic fail?

LOL Thanks though! :)

stella jezebelle said...

cute heading..hihi...

Michelle said...

:"> Thank you!!! :D