Monday, February 21, 2011

Accessories: Bangle Collection


This is a part of a series thing I'm doing so, click here to see the other posts!

First one I got from a friend as a Christmas present.
Girl Shoppe

Market! Market! Department Store

Random Store in Eastwood; Php35

ALDO; Php250

Gift from the boyfriend

Some of these were from Girl Shoppe and some were from a friend

Girl Shoppe

Greenhills; Php250

Sorry for the incomplete information! It's just that some of these were really old so, I forgot.


Hollie said...

these are sooo pretty! nice collection.


My fave is the gift from boyfie, he has a nice taste!:-)

AVA T.♥ said...

Beautiful bangle collection!:)

Aya said...

Love the first one! So fairy(ish)-like! Haha!

che said...

Cool collection of bangles I def love the first one, so intricate and the last leather one is cool too.

abby | ybba said...

im lusting on those bangles. and yes! thats so funny! cus i was thinking that clint from the moffatts was going to the philippines and we would fall madly in love with each other but i would secretly have an affair with bob but clint is so madly in love with me that he begs me to be with him instead. *sigh* we're such hopeless romantics!!! lol. and you with lance bass! hahaha well... i understand.. he is a cutey. even if he is gay now. LOL

Michelle said...

@Hollie: Thank you soo much! :D

@MINAKICHU: Hahaha! I know right?

@AVA: Thank you sooo much!!! \:D/

@Aya: I didn't love it right off the bat but It's growing on me :)

@che: Cool! I wear the leather one almost everyday.

@abby: It's so weird! Like as kids it never occured to us that they're a million years older. LOL

Marie said...

Your boyfriend sure knows how to pick a chic bangle!:D

***** Marie *****

Michelle said...

He has taste. =))

Witoxicity said...

I went through your posts and it seems like you and I are more into bracelets/bangles. Haha! I love those things. You have an awesome collection there, Michelle. And the owls! Wow!!! :)

Michelle said...

Accessories just make or break an outfit for me! :) Thank you for checking out my blogs!